What is bitcerti?

1. Read me file is the staring point. It includes problem statement and possible solution using modern cryptography and mathematics behind the product.

2. Blockchain is a list of records which are secured using cryptography and inherently resistant to manipulation being distributed in nature.

3. Paper certificates are easier to forge,requires significant human resource for claims, expensive to produce, cannot record exact time, cannot be revoked and consumes time to verify.

4. Digital certificates are easier to forge,third party controls the cost of certificates,no universal standard for recording certificates,no intrinsic value in case of registry failure, and prone to hacks.

5. Bitcerti creates tamper-proof , permanent certificates without relying on third party which can be verified for free of cost.

6. Public and Private chain issue, revoke and store academic certificates on both chains.

hope we made it quite clear
So now

How does it work

We are in research and development now. But if you still want to see how does it work, take part in developer preview.

Donate for a demo$20
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